Lynn, a young girl, is stranded in a mysterious countryside manor due to a raging storm. She mingles with others who have also been stranded. During her stay, Lynn becomes intrigued by a mural depicting a Utopian world and can’t help but notice the stark dissonance from her own reality. Maybe her presence in The house is more than just a coincidence?
Season Awards 2019 Pinewood Studios - London, England
Best Art Direction 2020
New Renaissance Film Festival - London, England
Best Fantasy Short 2019
Close-up Reykjavic Film Festival - Reykjavic, Iceland
Best Cinematography 2019

Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival - Kolkata, India
Best VFX 2019
Noida International Film Festival - Noida, India
Best Director 2019


Season Awards 2019 - Pinewood Studios
Tension and intrigue manifests itself throughout the enchanting One, no one, 100.000, created by Karlijn & Lotte Milder, as a young girl is stranded inside a mysterious countryside manor due to a raging storm. The combination of captivating visuals and the luring score will have your imagination running wild during this short.

My real Europe press
Matthijs Roling paint, which combines the in-existing world with roman and greek influence, represents the central theme of the movie. The entire wall is covered, and the overwhelming room space is doors divided. Alice, in Wonderland, needs to pick doors, you will select one also. The paint is like a dancer who exposes himself to your eyes with a different message for every look. Karlijn Milder and Lotte Milder, two sisters, connected by birth and art, careful take your thoughts through the first door. Look at the main room, paint, characters, feel, and open the next one. Just do not forget. If time is disappearing, life not. Only the deer is dead. Outside.


Lotte Milder 

Loes Schnepper

Berg Luppes 

Mehrnoush Rahmani 

Paul van der Laan 

Pepijn Korfage

Radio reporter (voice)
Eva Koreman 

Written, directed & produced by: Milder Sisters
Co-writer: Lenina Ungari
Production company: Studio AKATAK
Music : Arend Bruijn
DoP: Karlijn Milder
Gaffer: Emiel Chung
Production design: Julia Timmerman
Art-direction: Tom Verberne
MUA: Ragonda Weever
Sound recordist: Martina Fazekas & Matijs Guypen
Sounddesign: Matijs Guypen
Sound mixer: Peter Flamman
Editing: Mats Logen
VFX Supervisor: Ashok Rajeswaran
Colourists: Ferano Meraldi & Martina Fazekas
Title sequence by: Lieke Milder