Fashion gives the freedom to express yourself. Many artists use fashion to show the world their alter ego, present themselves as living works of art and experiment with their appearance. What would you look like if you could decide for yourself? When there are no boundaries, no rules and no opinions of others?
In the workshop MOVING PORTRAITS, aspiring fashion makers delved into their alter egos. By creating outfits as well as designing their living environments, they have created an overall picture through individual portraits in collaboration with aspiring filmmakers. By collaborating with filmmakers, this project was not just about creating an outfit, but about a multidisciplinary approach, which is becoming increasingly important in the fashion world.
This has resulted in a wonderful series of MOVING PORTRAITS, in which the fashion and film makers literally live in their alter-ego worlds, with the clothes themselves being worn by the fashion makers and the film makers directing the image. A project that revolved around metamorphosis and transformation, which came to life through collaboration.
MOVING PORTRAITS is developed in co-creation with AKATAK and Mulas Hybrid Haus and originated from Fashion Makes Sense, a participation program of FASHIONCLASH. During FASHIONCLASH Festival 2022, a screening 'MOVING PORTRAITS' is presented at Lumière Cinema, which includes a talk (in English) by the host Chanel Trapman of Mumster and the project participants.