“Seeing things with eyes that could not have known how they were being seen by others. Talking and understanding one another. Everybody assumed it to be true in their own way and claimed the concept to somehow, every day and in any way, give their life substance.”                                         
Luigi Pirandello (1867 – 1936)
Quote review Branko Popovic
One, no one, 100.000 is a visually stunning journey through heritage, a view on perception and stereotypes our minds create. Everything we see is always coloured by memories and experiences. So the question is, who we really are as basically everyone sees everyone differently. And in what manner is the self authentic. Lotte Milder has a strong language and a great sense for aesthetic. Also her performing talent deserves mention. With a great teamwork with Sophie Mantel and Karlijn Milder she presented a relevant performance but also a poetic story that really moved me.
Lotte Milder
Directors: Milder Sisters & Sophie Mantel
Dramaturgy: Lynn Elshof
Video-projections: Karlijn Milder
Costume design: Lotte Milder
Costume: Miralda Nijst-Reinartz
Graphic design: Lieke Milder
Production company: Studio AKATAK
Executive producer: Tom Verberne
Co-producer: Via Zuid & Fashionclash
Thanks to: Denise Harleman, Adina Macpherson,
Theatre Academy Maastricht and Van Abbemuseum