Inspired by the painting 'The dance' (1910) by Henri Matisse, five dancers hold hands in a circle, as part of a utopian society. The rhythm of their dance makes them spiral out of control. Sustaining the touch and connection with each other becomes difficult as society rules are changing. The rupture creates a new reality. Will we find comfort in a new world?

Cinedans 2021 EYE Filmmuseum - Amsterdam, the Netherlands
New Dutch Shorts Programme

Gijs Hanegraaf
Loris Daniel Casalino
Davide Andrea Calabrese
Gilda Federica Cesario
Keren Or Ben Shachar
Direction: Mats Logen
Choreographer: Daniel Barkan
DoP: Karlijn Milder
First AC: Jan Koks
Gaffer: Emiel Chung
Stylist: Michelle Vossen
Sound recordist: Martina Fazekas
Editor: Mats Logen
Grading: Martina Fazekas
Composer: Enrico Meijer
Producer: Danique Jongbloed
Production company: Collective Prime