The short film (12 min.) BELINDA started from a research project for which the milder sisters were asked by Belinda van der Stoep and Eva Line de Boer. for this project, called frozen beauty, they made a film portrait of Belinda. They started with an interview in which Belinda's dream to play in a costume drama came to the fore. During that same day, they took Belinda to a costume studio and a castle as a surprise. This gave her the opportunity to bring her character Marie-Antoinette to life for a moment. THE FILM BELINDA was made during this guerrilla film experiment. The sisters would describe the short film as: creating a history that never existed, inspired by actress Belinda van der Stoep.

Festival CEMENT 2018
Frozen Beauty

Cultura Nova Festival 2018

Belinda van der Stoep
Directed by Milder Sisters
DoP: Karlijn Milder
Sound recordist: Martina Fazekas
Editing: Karlijn Milder
Music & sounddesign: Bart Delissen
Colorist: Martina Fazekas
Producer: Eva Line de Boer, Rick M
Production company: Euphoria